This year's 3 Mountains Crop to Cup Tour will take place in Rwanda from June 15th-25th. The unique "insider's view" opportunity is available to anyone who is interested in the Conscious Commerce Movement, wants to deepen cross-cultural relations, or is just excited to learn more about tea! We will be meeting coffee farmers as well and will spend time with some traditional healers who work with plant medicine. All are welcome to apply and be part of this small group. You will personally be guided by 3 Mountains founder, Sara, on the adventure of a lifetime! She has been working with Rwandans for ten years and Rwanda is like home to her. You will be safe may even feel right at home! 

Besides learning about the origin of your tea, coffee and medicinal plants, you will meet farmers, pluckers, processors, artisans and sewers with whom 3 Mountains has a direct relationship. Imagine sitting with the women and weaving a basket together, or spending time in the tea fields learning how to identify quality leaves. The language you will be speaking is universal and by the time you leave Rwanda, you are bound to have new friends for life.

This is more than a trip! By joining the Crop to Cup 2018 Team, you will be making a commitment to take your business or your personal growth to a whole new level. The local population will benefit from your conscious contributions to the local economy and we encourage all participants to participate in the AHE Skills Exchange Network. All team members are provided cultural preparedness support leading up to departure, through the AHE Resilient Traveler workshop.

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