Tîma Tea is a brand of 3 Mountains, LLC. 3 Mountains connects people who want to make a difference while enjoying premium products and unique opportunities around the world.

The Founder and CEO of 3 Mountains, Sara Stender, was drawn to Rwanda,“Land of a Thousand Hills”, when she learned of the 1994 Genocide and she finally made her way there to live in 2009. During that time, she experienced the gifts and beauty of the nation and its people, and Sara continues to call it her African home.  Sara has been working with farmers, producers and artisans in Rwanda to help grow the markets in North America for their world-class products.


3 Mountains is headquartered in Asheville, NC (USA) and works closely with Asheville-based 501c3 nonprofit organization, Africa Healing Exchange (AHE). Through community partnerships and by developing grassroots initiatives that are requested by those being served, we are delivering skills training for people to become more resilient and thus more equipped to lead the life of their dreams. The 3-pronged approach includes support for mental health, training for trainers, and small business development support. We are creating an innovative and sustainable model to be replicated on a global scale, leading to a more peaceful world.  

If you are interested in traveling to Rwanda, as part of the 3 Mountains Crop to Cup June 2019 Tour, or as part of the AHE Skills Exchange Network, please send an email to sara@3mountains.org.